Telekinesis Academy Exercises

Telepathy Step 1

Connecting with you grander, wiser, most loving self is a process.

This aspect of you watches over your life plan and directs you. The purpose of this exercise is to connect with and emulate in a conscious manner, the specific understandings you embrace as your higher self. The goal is to align your thoughts and perceptions with you highest thoughts and perceptions.

The process begins when you sit quietly, relax your mind and body, and then take a deep breath. Set in your mind a clear intention to accept the wisdom that comes to you. You may want a pen and paper to record your insights.

Now close your eyes, adjust your posture so that you are comfortable. Relax your hands and take a few more deep breaths.

Imagine your entire body relaxing. Start with your toes, feet, calves, thighs, and then up into your abdomen, lower back, chest, upper back, and shoulders. Relax your arms, hands, neck, head and face. Let the muscles around your jaws and eyes relax.

Adjust your posture so that your energy can flow easily up and down your spine. Visualize this as you breathe. Notice the flow of energy there.

You are now ready to meet your higher self. Imagine your higher self in the distance, beginning to come toward you. Greet and welcome your higher self. Mentally ask your higher self to assist you in making a stronger connection. Feel the thoughts and affection your higher self has for you. Visualize yourself from the perception of your higher self and sense all that understanding.

Ask your higher self if there are any issues that you need to be aware of. Listen and feel what is being conveyed to you.

Ask your higher self about your desire to learn about and practice telepathy. Ask about the desire and where it comes from. Listen and feel the reply. Ask your higher self about the process you will experience. Just listen. Identify the steps you plan to take by contacting with you soul memory and then your subconscious energies.

Ask how these steps will assist you with this process. Listen and ask questions to gain the clearest understanding. You may want to be writing these things down as you receive this information. Take your time and be as accurate as you can be.

Ask your higher self if there are any specific intentions that would be helpful to you at this time. Intent is the energy that creates.

Thank your higher self for this precious time together. State your desire to be more conscious of the wisdom that you keep at this highest level of awareness. Embrace your higher self with a hug. Feel the essence of your highest awareness merge with your mind, body, and conscious awareness.

Now relax and return you mind and your focus back to where you are sitting. Notice that your higher self has not really left you. Visualize how it resides in every cell of your physical being.

Set the intention in your conscious mind to be wholeheartedly faithful to your wiser grander most loving self.

Telepathy Step 2

Reconnect with your higher self. Ask permission to proceed with your journey of discovery.

Visualize a door way from where you find yourself with your higher self. Thank your higher self and step through the door way to your soul self.

Greet your soul self. State your intentions to align your conscious desires with that of your divine points of awareness. Ask your soul self what information or message it may have for you to embrace that would assist you with this journey. Recognize that all the memories for all that has been achieved by your various expressions reside at this place of awareness.

Listen to the reply. Expand your reality perception to fit the reply. Ask specific questions with your higher frame of reference. Take note if you can that your worldview is wider. Continue the conversation until your soul self has finished.

Visualize another door way from where you find yourself. Thank your soul self and step through the door way to your subconscious self.

Greet your subconscious. State your intentions to align your conscious desires with your divine points of awareness. Recognize that all the diverse energies that reside within you are present and attuned to the current dialogue. Ask how best you can align your conscious perceptions with those many diverse energies that were created by you.

Listen to the reply. Embrace the response. Take ownership for all that you are. Ask specific questions that may present themselves at this time. Listen to the response with as much appreciation as you can authentically express.

You may want to consider returning directly to the subconscious for discussions like this at various times. We have found that when there are dreams that we have had that we may want an expanded explanation about, that this method of discovery is very useful.

Continue the conversation until your subconscious has finished. Thank your subconscious for the time spent connecting with it. Then return your focus to your current surroundings.

Telepathy Step 3

This is a good time to realize that channeling another entity is just about the same thing as telepathically contacting another being. The distinction with channeling is that it can be classified as trance channeling or it can be the more conscious type.

In trance channeling you put aside your conscious involvement with the process and allow the channeled material to flow through you to others. Even in this process the beliefs held by the person doing the channeling can retard the flow of incoming information. This job of being open and objective becomes much more of a challenge when you are consciously discussing the material.

The higher self of your twin soul is the being most like you energetically. A good way to start is to connect with your own higher self and allow it to introduce you to your companionís higher self. You may want to spend a considerable amount of time in dialogue with this point of awareness. It would not be unusual to talk on a multiple number of occasions over a period of several months. This process is as intimate as the one you would have with your own higher self. Unlike the others you may contact for practicing telepathy, this particular higher self has always been in your life as much as your own higher self. Take some time to appreciate this reality.

When the time is right, you will be encouraged to connect with the soul self for your companion. You can visualize that door to pass through to connect with this particular awareness. State your intentions and listen for the reply. Elevate you state of awareness so that you can appreciate the information you will be receiving.

Once the things that need to be clarified have been presented to you and you are clear on what has been said, it is time to move on to the subconscious. Thank your companionís soul self and pass through that door to the subconscious.

The subconscious of your twin soul is very aligned with your own subconscious. It very much has an investment in the life your companion self is expressing, as well as your life. You will find the divine, the ego, the inner child, and the shadow self are as alive and well here as they are in your own subconscious. Spend the time to get to consciously bring your self up to date with what is happening in your companionís life. This may involve a number of visits over several months or longer.

It is good to appreciate that getting this close to your companion will influence their conscious awareness to some extent. If they are very pre-occupied with their conscious world and have a busy mind, this will be less of a concern to you. In any case it is wise to listen to what is shared with you and schedule the visits to accommodate the subconscious. Just be open, receptive and helpful.

When it is appropriate you will be encouraged to connect with your companionís conscious awareness. This happens in a number of different ways. All I can say is to be prepared to not over react the first time you make contact with your companion. Depending on their belief systems, you may well be identified as a demon, a guide, or an angel. Just say hello, state your name, and identify yourself as a friend. When your companion knows who you are you may have some explaining to do. Be open, honest, authentic, and considerate. Put yourself in their place and accommodate them.

Spend some time talking with them. Set up a time for another visit. It is kind of like getting a second date. It is something you can not take for granted. You may have to make a case for continuing to connect like this. Be respectful and accept the choice and preference that your companion states to you.

When and if you arrange a time for another connection, you can connect with your companion directly. The previous steps to reach them will no longer be necessary.

Keep in mind that this method of connecting with your companion can be used with any other person who grants you permission. That permission may come from their conscious awareness, or it may come from some other divine point of awareness. Your intentions for connecting with another may be of the highest order, however their life circumstances may not be favorable for the connection. Since we are all connected in one way or another, it is best to honor the wishes of others.

Now take a moment to reflect on this process. The ability to connect with another like this is not a common practice. Be respectful and use discretion when selecting the people in your life to practice telepathy with. Do not make assumptions about who will be receptive to it.